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Newark High School Class of 1960
Newark High School Wildcats - Class of 1960
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Newark High School Wildcats - Class of 1960

         African Wild Cat (Felis silvestris libyca)

Sandy brown to yellow grey in color, with black stripes on the tail, the African Wild Cat was tamed by the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago. Pure genetic stock of today are  found only in remote areas.  Fierce when threatened, African Wild Cats can protect themselves from much larger animals.
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Robin Pierce
Jerry Knappenberger

55th CLASS REUNION 2015 

2015 Reunion
2015 Reunion
Peggy (Carl's guest), Carl Braddock
Larry Weidner, Linda Buckey Weidner
2015 Reunion
Carolyn Toothaker Logsdon, Sue Horn

2015 Reunion
Judi Lord Brenning, Jim Leslie
2015 Reunion
Kay Kinsey Nowacek,
Linda Buckey Weidner,
Dick Dudgeon
2015 Reunion
Sunday Brunch Group:  Anita Freytag Mirra,
Molly McLaughlin Debevoise, Corty Maple
Jo Ellen Klein Scott, Sonya Clark Mitchell
2015 Reunion
Joyce Wears Stanley, Jo Ellen Klein Scott, Nancy Crist Elder, Pat Montanaro Leslie
2015 Reunion
Tom Heisey, Sonya Clark Mitchell
2015 Reunion
Robin Pierce, Judi Lord Brenning, Dick Long 
2015 Reunion
Becky Rader, Barb Kennedy Peterson, Kay Kinsey Nowacek, Linda Buckey Weidner, Sonya Clark Mitchell

NHS Class of 1960
Basketball Cheerleaders
Central Jr. High School
Bonnie Sunkle Bartlett riding at a game reserve in Kentucky. The two horses in the photo belong to she and Clyde. Clyde commented that they have five horses, four chickens and a Golden Retriever, which means he spends half of his time moving manure.  Not too hard to guess what Bonnie says about that...the other half of the time is spent spreading it. Hmmmm, do you think there is a hidden message there?
crooks & criminals
Crooks and Criminals - Boys Night Out
Photo by Ben Rader, Submitted by Al Leckrone

(L to R)  Dick Bibart, Jack Shoults, Tom Heisey,
Al Leckrone, Gary Debevoise

Central Jr High - Wayne Newton

The Newark Advocate - Scenes from Yesteryear ran this picture with the comment: "He was the only student in Central Junior High's Sixth grade to wear a tie when the school year class photo of 1953-54 was taken.  The familiar face is second from left in the top row.  He's Wayne Newton.  The young singer often performed at old Hillbilly Park near Hanover during the few years his family lived in the area.  Several of his cousins still live here."

Submitted by Al Leckrone

The boy in the top row, 2nd from left grew up to be Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton.  Just another star in a field of many!  Now, who's that plaid sweater wearing friend in the same row 6th from the left?  

                            Danke schön, Al!

NHS Wildcats 1960 - Wayne Newton NHS Wildcats 1960 - Wayne Newton

Roosevelt Grade 5 - Miss Renick - 1952-53
Striking a pose Winogene.  
Madonna would be impressed!
Thank you for your photos.

Winogene Acton

Acton, Nagy, Morehead & Conner

Bates, Pitcock, Wilson & Myers
Winogene Acton

Frank Morehouse

Roosevelt Room 211 - MIss Wilson - 1953-54
Roosevelt - Grade 7 - Mrs Kuster 1954-55
Fryman & Gross

Conner, Mitchell & Acton

Lukasko, Lawrence & House
Marilyn Parker

McDowell & Combs

Parker & Thompson
Roosevelt Grade 8 - Mrs Kuster - 1955-56
Pierce & Nagy
Donna Smith Thompson & Boyer
Scenes from Yesteryear - The Advocate
         Thank you Judi Lord for the following . . .
        Molly McLaughlin and Judy Mount

         All dressed up with somewhere to go. . .
    Sandy Leslie, Pat Montanaro,
   Judi Lord, Molly McLaughlin

        Better not be whiskey in 'dem bottles
        Gary Debevoise, Molly McLaughlin,
        Johanna Rey, Jim Johnson